Find Out What Others Are Saying
"This program is designed for dyslexic kids and progresses at a slow enough pace to accomodate the child's learning abilities.  We have tried many other curriculums where we would get to a certain point and the lessons would jump ahead too quickly.  That was neverr the case with Dyslexia Reading Solutions for Children.  This proved to be a program my son was able to steadily progress with." - parent 

The center really helped my son.  When he entered, his confidence was low because he knew he could not read.  He started to gain confidence as his skills increased.  Now he is on track with his class for reading, and his behavior has also improved.  This program is excellent on so many levels!" - parent

"Dyslexia Reading Solutions for Children changed the entire course of my child's life.  He went from being a non-reader to an emerging reader who has gained the skills he needs to continue his reading journey.  His tutor was phenomenal at meeting him right where he was, but was excellent at challenging him to stretch his thinking so he was able to learn new things." - W.D.

The program has made a tremendous difference in my son's life.  He has betterth
reading strategies as well as increased self-confidence.  His hard work and success is a direct result of the support and guidance he has received from Dyslexia Reading Solutions for Children." - S.L.

"The commitment and understanding of the Tutoring Center is a gift to a parent with a struggling reader.  Thank you!!" - L.B.

"The program has helped our child greatly.  It is great to have him in an environment that gives him positive feedback for his accomplishments.  After spending the day in school where everything you do just isn't good enough, it really helps him feel like he is gaining knowledge and he is making accomplishments.  Thank you!" - P.L.B.

"In just the short time my child has been coming, there has been a great improvement in her reading and pleased!" - P.T.

"I was very happy with the program, especially since I saw how my son improved in his reading independence.  He always came out of class excited about what he learned.  Thanks!"  T.W.

"This program was very beneficial to my son.  He enjoyed working with his tutor and applying the lessons in the classroom and at home" - M.P.

"His confidence has grown greatly.  Our child loves the program and his tutor" - J.B.

"The Dyslexia Learning Center is my home.  I have been there about 2 years.  If you have trouble with reading, this is the place to teacher is the BEST!  In my head, I told myself  "I'm never going to graduate", but I DID!" - E.F. (former student)

"My daughter has dyslexia. Some people feel that this is something that she will just outgrow.  It isn’t.  It is something that affects everything that she does and will do for the rest of her life.  The Dyslexia Reading Solutions for Children has helped with some of her struggles.
 I worked with her for years to learn her alphabet.  I knew something was going on because our daughter is a smart child and yet she could not seem to remember letters even when she had just identified them minutes before.  I had a hard time finding out exactly what was going on and when I did, it was even harder to find someone who could help her.  By the time I found the center, she was in junior high. 
 We cannot say enough about the tutors at the center.  They are kind beyond words. They spend hours working on lessons designed for each student.  I could only hope to be as patient and encouraging. 
 My daughter started improving rapidly as soon as the tutoring began.  For her the results were very quick.  We finally had hope.  She was able to apply the tapping method for her reading and spelling right away.  The program that the center uses is so much better than any phonics program that I have ever found.  Some of the rules that she was learning taught me things.  Before she was even done with the program she was able to read and correctly pronounce names and words that I would stumble over.  What a joy to see and hear her read with such fluency when just a year before she was struggling to read at a much lower level.
 I truly do not know what we would have done without the Dyslexia Reading Solutions for Children. This center is changing lives, families and communities one child at a time.  A child that cannot read faces few prospects in life." -S.K.